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You are here : User Guide FAQ

- FAQ e-cigarettes: Frequently asked questions -

You have questions about e-cigarettes or products related to them? Please visit our FAQ:


- How does e-cigarette works?

E-cigarette’s functioning is very simple: special liquid for e-cigarette (e-liquid/e-juice) is heated up through a coil. By heating, it produces steam. This is steam, not combustion as the maximum heat delivered by the coil is around 60°C ( 140°F).

Electronic cigarettes are manly made of three components:

  • Battery
  • Coil (electric resistance)
  • Cartridge (containing e-liquid)

- What is the coil’s role?

The coil (small electric resistance) is the piece that heats e-liquid up to 60°C to transform it into steam.
Coil is a very fragile element, its life span extends between one and three month depending of the use. For the maintenance, you should clean it with hot water and avoid heating it when empty.
It is however a pretty cheap element, so replacing it is inexpensive and easy.

There are two types of coils:

  • LR (Low Resistance)
  • Dual Coils


LR coils have a smaller resistance so it heat up very fast, produce more steam and the hit is stronger, but they are a bit more fragile.

Dual Coils atomizers are made of two resistors (connected in parallel). These resistors allow greater heating.


- What’s the difference between an atomizer, a cartomizer and a clearomizer?

The atomizer is the classic component that heats e-cigarettes. It exists atomizer using fibres that allow a regulation of the liquid through the braid and atomizer tank using a tank with a wick. The wick’s role is to collect e-liquid and automatically regulate the flow.
The main advantage of the Tank type is that it allows you to control the flow of liquid. On the other hand the fibres type consume less.

The cartomizer is a word made of “cartridge” and “atomizer”. The cartomizer is made of one cartridge  (liquid canister) and an atomizer (that heats the liquid to transform it into steam).
Advantages are that: there is no leak, it allows a reduction of e-liquid usage and delivers a stronger hit. However, it needs to be recharged regularly, which may take a little longer.

The clearomizer is a word made of  “clear” and “cartomizer”. It is made of a Tank atomizer equipped with a wick that feeds the coil and a transparent cartridge.
Advantages are its large capacity of liquid, its transparent appearance – that allows you to judge what quantity of liquid is available – and also its denser steam.
However, its liquid consumption is a bit higher.

For a best vape, we recommend to adapt your coil to your e-cigarette:

  • 3.3V to 4.2V Battery: coil of 1.5 Ω
  • 3.6V to 4.5V Battery: coil of 1.8 Ω
  • 3.7V to 4.8V Battery: coil of 2.2 Ω
  • 4.2V to 5.5V Battery: coil of 2.5 Ω
  • 4.4V to 6.0V Battery: coil of 2.8 Ω


- What is e-liquid made of?

Many elements enter in the composition of e-liquids. Generally, there is 80% of propylene glycol and 20% of vegetable glycerin.

Propylene glycol is made of water (H2O). You can find it in some drinks and food products.
Flavors are added to give different tastes: fruits, tobacco or sweets of all kinds. Some e-liquids contain a certain amount of nicotine – from 0 to 18mg – that will give the “Hit”.

The smoke feeling is reproduced with the vegetable glycerine, the more the e-liquid contains vegetable gycerin, thicker the steam will be.

The “Hit” in the throat is given by the propylene glycol that also helps to generate flavors.

- When should I change my cartridge?

There are no strict rules but this will depend on the size of your e-cigarette. For small ones, we recommend to change the cartridge every 10 refill or so. For the larger sizes you can change the cartridge every 15 refills. We also recommend the use of one cartridge per flavour, but you can mix two flavors if you would like.

You can also rinse your cartridge with clear hot water (and dry it) to use another e-liquid or another flavor. This works better if you change for a flavour that is close to the previous one. If you try peach after licorice, even after rinsing the taste might be changed.

- How do I charge the battery of my e-cigarette?

E-cigarettes are using Lithium-Ion or Li-Ion batteries. Those batteries, which are also found in cellphones, are made for about 500 charges cycles.

To optimize the battery life, we recommend that you fully charge it (as any charge will count for one, even a half charge) and that you unplug it once the charge is over. By following those advices you will extend your battery life span.

- What does “the Hit” means?

The ”Hit” is the feeling that you get in your throat when you use an electronic cigarette. This feeling is related to many factors like the quality of your e-cigarette, its voltage, the coil and of course, the liquid that you have chosen.

- And the term “Switch”, what does it mean?

It is simply the name of the button situated on the battery.


- Is the Propylene glycol dangerous for the health?

No, it is an element that you can find in many paramedical preparations such as toothpaste, syrup for kids and adults but also in some food products like salad sauce or cookies.

To have any possible intoxication due to Propylene glycol, you would need to take 50 000 times the amount contained in an entire cartridge, in ONE shot.

- Is the electronic cigarette dangerous for the health?

As we said in the “technical part” of the FAQ, electronic cigarettes works with a temperature of about 60°C (140°F) which means: without combustion but also without tobacco or any toxic product contain in regular cigarettes (mercury, arsenic, butane or tar).

However we do not recommend the use of e-cigarettes to pregnant women, people with heart disease, underage people, and non-smokers.

- Sometimes I get some e-liquid on my lips, is it dangerous?

During first uses, people tend to inhale to strongly, by doing so the liquid does not have time to be vaporized entirely. To avoid this, inhale slower and longer. Another recommendation would be to be sure that the cartridge is not filled more than 80% of its capacity.
Rinsing the cartridge with clear water from time to time also helps.

But do not worry, if you swallow a drop of liquid: rinse your mouth with clear water. (Swallowing several ml would be worrying. You should take dispositions to avoid this to happen when using e-liquid.)

By using a customizer or a clearomizer, you will eliminate the risk of getting liquid in your mouth.

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